Director Northland District Health Board

Director Northland District Health Board – I advocate for healthy communities, health education, prevention of illness, and timely access to quality health and disability services across the region, and supporting our hard working health sector staff

Chairperson of Community & Public Health, Disability Advisory Committee

Member of Hospital Advisory Committee


Increase the focus on prevention and health education

Supporting health initiatives that work, such as Healthy Homes, re-localising our food, integrated health care centres, Project Energise and working together more effectively

Listen to the patients, clients, community, staff and stakeholder’s views

Help improve Northland’s negative health statistics, especially for Maori

Advocate for health and disability needs of vulnerable populations – children, young people and older people

Make sure each dollar is spent wisely and as effectively as possible

Improve timely access for rural people to quality services

Working Hard for Strong Healthy Communities

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