Libby Jones – Skills & Attributes

Working in a positive way with passion and integrity that brings people and ideas together to create meaningful solutions

Governance – adding value, critical questioning, broad perspective with networks in health, education, social services, rural and community

Advisory – offering information and advice to community organisations

Leadership – organised, reflective, integrity, fun

Problem solving – collaborative assessment and planning to achieve desired outcomes in variety of roles

Communication – listening to understand and become informed, delivery of a clear and thoughtful message

                                          Working Hard for your Good Health 


“Through my educational consultancy work I have got to know and observe Libby as the long standing Chairperson of Paparoa Primary School Board of Trustees.  In this community elected position she has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the concept of good governance, and appreciates how effective governance is able to guide purposeful management which in turn ensures the most efficient use of resources.  Libby has demonstrated an ability to lead her Board proactively, developing clear policy statements that define the Board’s statutory obligations and give direction to the school’s management and staff to deliver effective learning programs for the students.
Libby has shown the ability to lead, and involve her Board in revising the school’s charter and develop a visionary strategic plan that reflects the aspirations and expectations of the school’s community.”

Derek Birt
Educational Consultant

“What I like about you Libby is that you say what you know, and you listen. You have an intelligent, lovely, considered vibe. I’m glad that the AWDT has meant our paths have crossed.”                                                                                   Nicky Berger                                                                                                                  Understanding Your Farming Business Participant (Agri Women’s Development Trust)                                                                                                                         

“Libby Jones is an experienced health and social services professional with a good understanding of the health and social services sectors as well as the needs of the community. She works collaboratively with a range of agencies and individuals and always works to ensure the best possible outcomes for the groups she is involved with.”

Rose Plunkett QSM J.P.